Tyler Robertson

scour 1.0

Wednesday, July 10, 2024

(This was originally posted to my Cohost account back in June, and I've only just remembered to share it here 😅)

A few months back I started putting together a site that wasn't a search engine, but also wasn't not a search engine. It was purposefully designed to be small and manual and feel more like curating a playlist than becoming an all-knowing, all-dancing behemoth.

Today, I'm calling it scour, and I've been steadily filling it with pages that I enjoy or search for frequently, so that it can start to become a replacement for much of my day-to-day searching activity, and maybe some of yours. (Send me an email if there's a page I should add!)

It's also got… not a lot of code in there! And the documentation includes steps to spin up your own version in 5 minutes or less, if you also like the sound of being your own local search provider.

I'm really proud of it so far, and I hope you enjoy!