Tyler Robertson


Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Oof, it's been a bit! The last few weeks have been busy for us, and while I'm glad to have fewer links cluttering you my phone, I've been looking forward to an excuse to share some links with you!

This installment is a smattering of random things I've been interested in or thinking about this week, with some long reads sprinkled in for when you've got some quiet time.

Clone wars: open-source clones of popular sites

I've been slowly dipping back into coding recently, and instead I reinventing the wheels entirely, using this site has been a fun way to figure out what projects to try next.


Andy Baio, who I've mentioned on this blog before, is working on a new virtual hangout app! Instead of seeing your friends' hideous human faces, Skittish let's you run around a virtual field as cute animals, talking and watching videos together. The app uses some genuinely clever techniques, and I'm excited to try it out.

According to the British government, they beat racism

Narrator's Voice: They did not.

TroikaFest! 2021 Game Jam

Troika! is one of my favorite table-top RPGs, and feels like what I thought D&D would be before I ever picked up a D20. This month, they're having a game jam, and people are making a lot of great resources and supplements for the game!

5 free courses on Marx's Capital

A friend of mine is currently working on a doctorate surrounding Marx and Capital, and to my shame I've never dipped into any Marxist literature, even out of curiosity. I'm keeping these free courses from Prof. David Harvey bookmarked for a rainy weekend or two.

NFTs weren't supposed to end like this

Anil Dash is the CEO of Glitch, and one of the accidental instigators of NFTs. He reflects on what it's like to be partially responsible for something terrible coming into the world, and where to go from here.

The Secret of Synchronization

Spontaneous synchronization will always be my version of "Magnets! How the fuck do they work?" And this video explainer is a fun watch.