Tyler Robertson

2021 in Retrospect

Friday, December 31, 2021

What the hell did I even do this year?

2021 was a year of fits and starts; bursts of creative energy, followed by virtual hibernation and physical depression. If you had asked me before I started writing this, I'd have been hard-pressed to think of anything I accomplished this year. But in looking back (meaning scrolling my Twitter feed back as far as it'll go) there are actually quite a few things that I'm proud of.

Now, this list is largely for my own benefit, to remind myself that the year wasn't wasted. In case you're curious, here's all the stuff I made and posted about this year, in chronological order:

Running some rough numbers for the hell of it, that's 59 items over 361 days (I didn't do anything January 1-3, apparently), with an average of 6.3 days between them. The longest gap between items was 23 days in April. June and August are tied for most productive months, at 9 items each. The most popular project was sheet-posting, which was re-shared on Kottke.org and received an honorable mention under "Most Helpful Tool" in Glitch's year-end review.

Next year's theme is Foundation: I'm focusing on creating a stable and comfortable space at home and work, so I can do good work and relax despite the… gestures vaguely at everything. This means projects will be consciously fewer and further between (but maybe of a higher quality?) while I concentrate on things that can't necessarily be shown in the same way, like my morning routine or exercise habits.

I'm grateful to everyone who got me through this past year, and I'm looking forward to another year together (even if it's over Zoom calls and Twitter threads). Let's get to it. 💖