Tyler Robertson


Sunday, March 21, 2021

Most of this week's links come from Andy Baio's blog Waxy, which also makes for a fantastic Twitter follow.

Of the pages still open on my phone, there's a handful that I haven't gotten to yet, and for the first few it's because they run better on a desktop:


I'm not entirely sure how this works, but it's a project that is extremely my shit: a Pokémon clone made entirely in a font(?)! That means you can download the font and play anywhere you type on your computer, which is pretty dang cool. They even link to a guide for making your own, which you better believe I'm going to try.

Trash The Planet

My coworker Nick is part of This Game Is Haunted, and their new game is out!


Jamie Coulter has done a lot of fabulous CSS/HTML work, and has a new tool that lets you build 3D models in your browser!

How Twine Remade Gaming

Adi Robertson (no relation) has written a history of Twine and its place in the world of videogames, including her experience with making Twine games (something I think everyone should try!) and the future of the platform. Highly recommended reading.

Finding Mona Lisa in the Game of Life

I'm a big fan of Conway's Game of Life and the art people make with it, and this is no exception: Atul Vinayak wrote an algorithm that takes the Game of Life and, eventually, gives you the Mona Lisa. The post includes a lot of behind-the-scenes documentation, but you can scroll the results at the end for some great images and examples.

Practice Guide for _

If you're practicing something on a regular basis, whether it's music or art or just making breakfast in the morning, it can be easy to fall into unhealthy relationships with the pattern: you might start doing it because you feel an obligation to, or because you want to stay "hip" or get famous. This page has some daily affirmations and considerations to help you stay healthy during practice.

Trekking Through the Ingredients in Arby's Meat Mountain

I moved away from the USA about two and a half years ago now, and miss relatively few things about it, except for a handful of things that I'll think about every few weeks. Among that list is Arby's, something that I think only an American would miss; the curly fries, comically large sodas, and now—for some reason—mountains of meat. Why do I want this so badly?