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Oregano 🎉🌱

Saturday, April 24, 2021

(This was originally posted on March 15th 2021, updated on April 24th 2021)

It feels really weird to say that Oregano "launched," because in my heart I know it was just a fistful of code; half of which was written over a week of groggy breakfasts, and the other half was fixes sleepily typed in on my phone before bed. It's less of a product and more a tiny labor of love, held together with duct tape and prayers to various non-denominational deities.

But hey, what the hell: here's Oregano, my fistful of code that powers the blog you're reading!

What does that mean?

This year, I made my personal blog (this one) from scratch, using a bunch of code that I either half-remembered from when I was trying desperately to become a developer, or googled (my true gift). After a few months refining that jumble of ones and zeroes I wanted to share it with you, so I made a separate page just for that, and told everyone about it.

Now, using Glitch's remix feature, you can make your own blog in a matter of minutes (actually if someone could make a new blog any% speedrun video that would be great).

The code that powers Oregano is less than 200 lines total, and has been overly documented for people who (like me), only kind of know what they're doing. If you've ever wanted a simple, free, no-frills blog that just works, I'm really happy to say that I think I've made something you're going to like.

Its features so far:

So go check it out! Uh, please. Thank you. 💖